pumpkin candle mould
Reference: SL190

pumpkin candle mould

Reference: SL190
36 gms
  • • Our Mould Enhance refreshing quality and sweet taste of Pumpkin to be one of best fragrance in the fruit collections.
  • • Candle Weight - 36 gm
  • • Diameter -5 cm Height = 3 cm
  • • Made in India product since 1975
  • • Flexible and Durable Silicone Rubber

  Attractive Fruit Design, This Candle mould Enhances with a texture of Pumpkin on it.

Product Description

A pumpkin emphasis Refreshment. Experience this refreshment with our Candle mould design which will give u Enhancement and kind. Our Specialized Pumpkin Candle Mould is identified and crafted with pumpkin Design which is perfectly curved and Carved.

Our Candle Mould is mainly used as a candle mould where they are acting as a moulded candle which will enhance your home decor. Candle Weight App. 36 gms and Diameter - 5 cm and Height -  3  cm. Fulfil The Joy To Enhance Your Decor. This Mould Utilize 100% of Usage of Ingredient.

One of the finest Flower design, we have in our Collection. This is our own Made in India product & made with Finest Quality Silicone Rubber to give you good detailing and easy to take out

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Technical Details

36 gm
5 cm
3 cm
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  • Flexible and Durable Silicone Rubber
Total Rs.450/- Discounted Offer Price...
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