vastu frog pillar candle mould
Reference: SL329

vastu frog pillar candle mould

Reference: SL329
candle wt - 183 gms
  • • Our cavity is flexible and durable that it can Easily turn over to clean it Regularly.
  • • Candle Weight - 183 gm
  • • Diameter - 7.3 cm Height = 8.3 cm
  • • Made in India product since 1975
  • • Flexible and Durable Silicone Rubber

Our Specialized frog Candle Mould is identified and crafted with a Beautiful frog on it, which is perfectly curved and shaped in the design of frog. 

Product Description

Frogs amphibians that are known for their jumping abilities, croaking sounds, bulging eyes and slimy skin.

This frog mould silicon candle mould is easy to handle and more flexible and reusable. These frog silicon candle mould can be used in making handmade silicon candle mould with frog shape silicon candle mould. It is Non-sticky and easy to clean, It is easily Wash with any residue.

Frog silicon candle mould weighing app. 183 gms and diameter 7.3 cm and Height 8.3 cm. Our moulds can be widely used in the making of candle.

Product Details

100 Items

Technical Details

183 gms
7.3 cm
8.3 cm
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